Friday, October 28, 2005

Friday, beer, chocolate, beer, chicken, beer, beer.

A rest day from training for the duathlon. This is where I wreck 3 days of hard work by drinking Summer Ale and eating Tim Tams.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Buy me a motorcycle. Honda Magna please. All Silver. thanks

mmmm shiney. oh well, My old wee bike limped into the Garage, passed the warrent inspection and limped home again. It only died once at the lights and lurched its way up the hills. Protesting no doubt at being left to gather dust all winter. So summer is here and once again I give all motorists the chance to kill me before Winter rolls around. Remember broken bones and crippling bone infections dont count. To make things interesting I'll continue to wear a black helmet and jacket, however I will still have my headlight on.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Glum Cyclist, Danger to all!

As if Mexican Day at the cafeteria wasn't bad enough. (yes why these balloons and crepe paper are very mexican I am in the spirit already!) But my coworker has accused me of being glum. While the nachos did look festive I apparently have been drowning in the salsa of life.
Sure, occasionally I've thought myself boring and introverted. But Im quite happy.
Perhaps I need a Badge. With a smiley face on it.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Advanced Serenity Screening

On Sunday I managed to catch an advanced screening of Serenity.Its a continuation of the doomed TV series FireFly. What's it about? Well think cowboys/space smugglers/thieves/humanitarians vs Evil galactic government conspiracy. The crew of the firefly class ship "serenity" are harboring wanted fugitives. Sexy Simon and his sister River are on the run from the Alliance. River was something of a child protege and was kidnapped by the Alliance. Evil experiments ensue, river comes close to loosing her mind and Simon daringly rescues her, but now they are on the run and the Alliance is desperate to get River back, but is it because of what she is or what she knows?
Anyway fantastic movie, Hopefully it will renew interest in the TV series,

Mmmmmm deep fried health

So in an effort to make the Cafeteria a healthier place to eat all sweets, chocolate and sugary soft drinks have been removed. Doesn't stop them from serving deep fried fish and chips every Friday or sweet and sour pork on Thursday.... OR pork spare RIBS!!!! mmmm love those ribs.
So now the hospital staff will be free of diabetes but long live the coronary.