Sunday, May 30, 2010

See all Gallery Photos on Trademe with Firefox and Greasemonkey!

I like browsing Trademe for cool stuffs, like this.

Recently Trademe has upped the Gallery price to $0.75, this means a lot of awesome $1 reserve items like the one above are being listed without a photo.No photo's until you click through to the auctions makes for slow tedious trademe hunting. You'd be surprised how many "awesome" and "retro" things are just crap and ugly when you click through to them. So in an effort to save time I've installed a neat little script that makes every listing a gallery listing. This makes browsing trademe AWESOME. No more little grey cameras.
Here's what you do

1. Use Firefox. (You are already....right!?)

2. Install greasemonkey addon, found here:

3. Install the TradeMe Photos script to greasemonkey. Get it here:

Super easy.

I call him Henry

I rescued him from trademe, he was being sold as a green owl. But I think he's a Kakapo.

Saturday, May 01, 2010

Bruichladdich Whiskey Tasting

Bruichladdich produce some very interesting whiskies. The other night we got to try 6 of their new releases.Two stood out for me.
1)The quadruple distilled 3YO. Legally you can't call it whisky until its three years old, so this is the earliest they can sell it as a whisky (visa-vie a grain spirit). Its the closet to how whisky would have tasted hundreds of years ago. It was 63.5 % alcohol and practically evaporated on the tongue, it was greatly improved with a bit  of water. Fresh, light, hardly any wood flavours, its all grain.
2) Black Art 19YO unbelievable colour and flavour. At first I could only describe the flavour as confusing, its difficult to wrap your head around what you are actually tasting, its like you don't quite believe it. Eventually it was revealed that this whisky is aged in wine barrels (A old traditional method utilised during times of peace between England and France) and everything becomes clear. Its a cask strength whack so at 51% it packs a punch. Overwhelming number of flavours in this bottle, a memorable mind blowing tasting experience. If only I'd had a spare $180, I would have bought a bottle. I predict this will become a highly collectable bottle, if you can afford it, buy two. One for drinking and one to sell in a few years. Whisky investment! lol.