Friday, March 27, 2009

Small Pleasures AND PAINS!

Sometimes a girl has got to treat herself...... yes treat herself to 15 minutes of agony. Treat my arse.

Anyway sometimes I get my eyebrows done, its $18 but I always feel a million bucks afterwards so its a good investment. If I look a little shiny in this photo I must admit I have been slaving in the kitchen making spinach and ricotta cannelloni. SLAVING. I'm actually having people over for dinner. Shock horror.

Anyway back to my eyebrow story, I usually get a frightful eastern block woman with a thick accent and an eye for the glamorous. I walk away with eyebrows usually only found on Russian super models. But today I got a shy little Indian lady, who asked if I would like to try threading instead. (Anythings got to be better than hot wax I thought) I was very wrong.

So while I sat through paid pain therapy I asked her about her life to distract her from my watering eyes. She used to work in a Fancy hotel in Delhi, India, she made okay money but got lots of tips. She gets paid worse here. Yep, New Zealand wages suck but money sure ain't everything.

There are many cheap pleasures in life. For example eyebrow shapes $18 and new bath mats $9.95

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Shiney New Things

Polarised lenses bitches!

These I officially saved up for. I bought them, then had to wait weeks and weeks, but finally they arrived. Shiny new prescription sunglasses! I have uploaded a variety of poses. All self shot because darling husband ain't home yet. And check out my awesome "work" hair. My job, it is scienticiany, and I can't have loose hair dangling down all over the place y'know!!!! My hair might fall into some acid, or a dissected bowel, or even into my eyes at some MEGA critical point. (my cousin Talia says mega a LOT on her facebook. I may adopt it.)

Man I have a big forehead.

Must be for all those scienticiany brains. HAH!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I hate having a joint Credit card

When we got a mortgage the bank didn't like the idea of us having two credit cards, so we cancelled mine and got a joint account. AND I HATE IT.

It never shows who bought what, and you can't tell who made what repayments.

Also I am crap at managing it. I think a part of me ignores the small purchases I make thinking my husband will pay for it (wishful thinking), however when I had my own credit card I was responsible for every dollar and managed things just fine. I know my husband blames me for the credit card bill never going down, always holding steady. He's probably right. (Okay, Okay, he is right but its the only time you'll see that in writing.)

I AM SPENDING CRAZY WIFE.....(the kind you read about in novels, buying Prada sunglasses and Gucci handbags while the insurance clerk husband has to take a second job and becomes weakened and sick due to working 16 hour days!!!!!!!)

Although its not that bad (I don't think I'm sending my husband to an early grave just yet), after all it's not a crazy amount, sigh, but its an annoying amount. And I loath seeing it carried over month after month.

So perhaps it is time to remove myself from the credit card world. Yes, in fact... I resign! Its a horrible system encouraging consumerism. bah. Good riddance. Goodbye cruel credit!

** It is done, I phoned them, and said, "NO MORE of your temptations cruel serpent, I repent and will destroy this foul plastic that corrupts my wallet so!" then I pressed 1 for customer service.

All that is left to do is the ritual sacrifice of the credit card:

a) Burning
b) Microwaving
c) Chemical disruption
d) Traditional - cut to smithereens!!!!

Your vote counts!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I Liked Kayaking

In my books it really rates as a sport. Anything I can do sitting down without moving my legs has always rated highly with me. But kayaking is outdoors, in fresh air and could actually count as exercise!

For my birthday we paddled the calm waters of the Puhoi river and Wenderholm estuary. While I'm sure ocean kayaking is no where near as relaxing or pleasant, it is something I would like to have a go at. I'm sure I could enjoy some scenic sewrage and avoid the container ships on a quick punt across to Rangitoto, if I really tried!

Oh and by the way I'm 29 now. Beginning to suspect I will never grow up. All this responsible shit is stil HARD. Like saving (bah, who can do that) and home maintenance (gak! I know nothing and have to pay people to do EVERYTHING --> see saving problem, the deck will fall down before we can afford to fix it) but I am redonkulously happy. I think I got the happy part sorted now.

Off to have pre dinner wines loves to you all!

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Its been a draining week. Caution - self indulgent pity party ahead.

Oh I've been tired and feeling sorry for myself.

My wisdom tooth decided to retreat below the gums, and who can blame it, my mouth is hardly the party central it was in my youth. I'd take a peek and go back to bed and my nice wamr gums too. Anyway bastard thing got my gum infected and I had to go to the dentist. Consequently I'm having the tooth ripped out in two weeks. Meantime I shall raise funds for this thrilling endeavour.Overtime funness?

So with pain and general malaise I went to work, damn antibiotics didn't seem to kill anything, and the top wisdom tooth, all sharp and new would slice into my bottom swollen gum every time I closed my mouth. I tasted blood throughout the days and fell exhausted onto the couch the end of each working day. Face infections are no fun, and my lopsided chipmunk impression wasn't winning me any fans.

(told you I was feeling sorry for myself)

The pain has mostly subsided (mostly, oh god is it still infected!!!!!?) and the antibiotics have all been eaten, my pee stopped smelling funny and now I can just focus on the pain of paying for it to be removed.

And that was my thrilling week.