Thursday, March 26, 2009

Shiney New Things

Polarised lenses bitches!

These I officially saved up for. I bought them, then had to wait weeks and weeks, but finally they arrived. Shiny new prescription sunglasses! I have uploaded a variety of poses. All self shot because darling husband ain't home yet. And check out my awesome "work" hair. My job, it is scienticiany, and I can't have loose hair dangling down all over the place y'know!!!! My hair might fall into some acid, or a dissected bowel, or even into my eyes at some MEGA critical point. (my cousin Talia says mega a LOT on her facebook. I may adopt it.)

Man I have a big forehead.

Must be for all those scienticiany brains. HAH!


Nina said...

oooh baby. Those be some sexy sunnies. I am so glad you eyes will not get killed now.

Cavegirl Nat said...

you are gorgeous, Einstein!