Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Sooo sleeeepy

I just made a batch of soba noodles for lunch, now carbohydrate digestions demands sleep.

Since I am on holiday I will be taking an afternoon nap whilst I direct my husband to go to the supermarket to buy a box of beer for tonights festivities.

In other news I got a free painting of a cabbage today. Savoy cabbage.

That is all.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Rain day for BBQ date

I am supposed to be going out for a BBQ laze in the sun lunch type thing today.
Alas, it is raining. Good for the garden, not god for BBQs. Believe me I know rain is not good for BBQs. I have a very bad habit of grilling and then leaving the lid off the BBQ. Three days later and rain has done its damage. That's the danger of BBQ in winter. Still that baby got a lot of use. Even in winter we would crank er up EVERY Thursday for steak night. Often in deepest darkest winter I'd be out there in the drizzle cooking by the light of my cellphone. I'll get out there and clean it soon, its probably nothing a good scrub with a wire brush wont fix (fingers crossed!) because dammit, I miss steak night.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Having trouble getting traffic to your blog?

Then put a freakin lol cat on it.

Free teeth

Its only a small amount of swelling and pain to go through to get the free teeth. So far I have three (well two and a bit).
The third ones just peeking out of the gums. Sure it bleeds a bit and hurts like FARK if I accidently chew with it, still a lot of swollen gum covering that sucker but my dentist says there is enough room to let them come up. The more molars the better I say!

So I have insight on what its like to be teething, and if I couldn't gargle (err drink) whisky to numb the pain I'd be grumpy too. Bloody top ones didn't hurt this much, grumble.

So in the meantime as much quaffing whisky as I can handle!

Facebook Stalker

I am a facebook stalker.

My trombone tutor moved to the other side of Auckland, and it was a bit far to travel for me, so no more lessons until I can find a local trombone tutor. I was gutted.

I had this nagging thought that she dropped me as a student because I don't practise that much and I sometimes cancelled lessons. Adult students are probably a bit harder to reign in as I have no mother driving me to lessons and nagging me to practise. So to get rid of the doubt I did a little internet stalking.

Okay not really. I just looked her up on facebook, to see if she was really moving. Smart cookie has her profile set to private, but I could still look at her friends list. I've had a feeling things were not right at the household where I went to have my lessons. She seemed tired, upset. Her husband wasn't around as much.

So I looked through her friends list and saw her husbands profile. I always thought she was too good for him. (but what can you tell about a person through weekly 1/2 instruction? not much but it was a hunch I had) I went to her husbands profile and he was listed as single. WTF and had written an update about what an "exciting night" he'd just had or some other bullshit. What a wanker. He had barely moved out!

Now I see hes in a relationship with someone else (its been less than two months since he left!). Thanks bastard. You lost me my trombone teacher. They had only been married for a short time too. So I feel bad for her. And that I turned into an internet stalker and surmised the private details of someones life. Bad me. But hey, you put it online and I will find it.

Hey I'm ALL over the internet.

A Day On holiday

I get up, my phone is dead on the nightstand. I ran out of credit just before christmas, then it went flat. I am considering leaving it off.

The damn thing is usually my alarm clock. I'm glad its off.

So I wake up with the light, wander outside and look at my garden. Tomatoes are still green. Leaf hopper nymphs still killing my cucumbers. Courgettes abound.

I dig a few holes and plant some stuff. Ponder digging over another vege patch, it gets hot, I get tired. I go back inside

I have some breakfast, cup of tea and a fruit mince pie. There is still dirt under my finger nails.

I go back to the garden and lug buckets of weeds up to the garden bin, they are not good enough for my compost. Dig another hole, plant more things. Get a bit hot and sweaty. Head back inside for an 11am beer.

Feel sleepy but decide to drag Zed out for a walk round the beach. He agrees heartily. 3 hours later we leave to enjoy the seaside for a bit and then head home for a late lunch/early dinner? (4pm) of bacon and egg toasted sandwiches. I have mine with tomato sauce.

Watch a bit of telly in the nude, decide to have a nap.

Head back to the garden at 7:30 (with clothes back on) for a water and another inspection of my still green tomatoes. Pick a few caterpillars off my self seeded broccoli from last year. Really must eat some lettuces.

Have a whiskey and browse the Internet.

I love being on holiday.

Monday, December 22, 2008

My Garden Dinner

Tonight it was stir fried snow peas and corgettes , both home grown! With some chicken onion and baby corns. Which I paid hard earned money for! The humanity.


am I on holiday yet?!

Fueling my book addiction without leaving the house

My new find is swap club.
Its so under promoted you might think that the first rule of swap club is, don't talk about swap club. Maybe its a good thing because the layout is still a bit clunky and large volumes might make the site a bit unwieldy.

Anyway on to the nitty gritty..
Swap club is a website where you offer things to"swap".
Every time you give something away you earn points.
You can then "spend" those points on items from other members.

E.g today I offered an old Dean Koontz for two points. Yay someone wanted it and I earned two points. I can then spend my two points with any other member, not just the one I swapped with.
Its a great way to get books for free (well other than postage)

I just ordered Banner of Souls by Liz Williams and I'm browsing for some more summer reading.

I like free things!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

I corgette down - 4 to go

Well I got back from my lightning trip to Kerikeri to find 4 more courgettes on my plant ready for the picking. So far from one plant 546g of courgettes. Considering the seedling cost me $2 Its already paid for itself.

I made myself a really nice lunch too. I had some Wonton soup stock, so I boiled it up added some onion and a few prawns dumplings. While they were cooking a sliced a courgette into super fine ribbons using my best christmas present ever, a slicer thingee!! I think its know as a mandolin, anyway near the end of cooking the dumplings I added my thin ribbons of courgette and mmm presto I had delicious dumpling soup. It was really yumy. I also have a recipe for courgette fritters thats super easy and quick. Hopefuly I won't get sick of them, I mean how productive can one zuchinni plant be!?

Friday, December 19, 2008

Will eat all my garden!

I will eat everything from my garden this year!

First off the production line is misshapen courgette. Taking photos at night results in strange blue tinge. Yummy. I really like roasted courgette, with melted cheese on top. But then I like anything with melted cheese on top, hence my current condition.