Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Caring for your introvert

Well, did you even know I am one? I wasn't always one, I think when I was a child I was different.
Now, however this essay describes me and how I feel everyday. Some of my best friends (yes you especially Jamie) have expressed frustration with my antisocial behavior, but may I kindly direct you to this essay it will explain everything.
Would it be bad form to leave a copy lying around at work? I still get hassled about the last conference we went on. I only managed an hour at the social events planned for the evenings. My colleagues were dismayed to find me perfectly happy reading a book in the hotel room at 9:30pm.
Well after dinner, a couple of drinks and a bit of socialising I was happy to call it a night.
As the essay describes, introverts find other peoples company tiring. After a time, I just need things to be quiet again.
"Just because I'm not talking doesn't mean I hate you"
and you can quote me on that.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Art on Sunday

Sunday morning seemed like the perfect time to wander the halls of the Auckland art gallery. A significant amount of wall space was taken up with the Frances Hodgkins exhibition and I'm not a big fan, so we stuck to the established collections. He Konei mai was mostly Goldie potraits and Lindaur(the artist not the $12 bubbly!) potraits with other odd artists thrown in. The chance to see Goldie works up close was wonderful. There are no barriers in this section of the gallery and you really see the details. Goldie is amazing, his paintings are so detailed, you can see every pore on a face and I was hard pressed to see brush strokes except on the backgrounds. It was amazing. There was also a small collection of modern art which was a bit average with the exception of a stand out piece by Shane Cotton called "southern cross". The constellation was represented by birds and it really caught my eye. I have no artistic expertise, I liked it cause it was pretty.
St Sebastian seems to be a theme for the Gallery at the moment, with many depictions lining the walls. The galleries pride and joy is a recently restored work by Guido Reni. Its huge powerful and quite an emotional picture of St. Sebastian. I looked at it for quite some time.
Although not on display, I do have a small claim to fame, my grandfather has three water colours (1956) held in the Auckland collection. Perhaps there is some talent for art appreciation somewhere in my genes...... there could be hope for me yet.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

DMZ Turns 3!

Well after 3 years of "band practice" on Wednesday nights, they finally have a finished album. (I say this in inverted commas because I know for a fact that "band practice" consists of drinking beers and eating tim tams!). So to celebrate there was a gathering of friends fans and hangers on in Ponsonby on Saturday. Since the band was officially 3, the theme was a 3 yr olds birthday party. Fairy bread, cheerios and Champagne make for an interesting afternoon. As an added bonus after everyone had gone home we got to watch "Five go mad in Dorset". Dean (the lucky bastard) had just purchased the complete comic strip set on DVD. He is my new best friend.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Chinese Lantern Festival

Well the 2006 Chinese lantern festival was very popular this year. It was my first visit to the Albert park event and what lanterns I managed to see were pretty cool. The crowds and the heat were phenomenal. I didn't stay too long as I was dragging round one tired man and two under 14's. The crowds just became a bit much for us after a while so we headed home and stopped off for an ice cream on the way home.
I think i'd happily go by myself, but trying to move a group of 4 through the crowds was pretty stressful.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Nathan Haines Live at the Sawmill Cafe

What an experience! Firstly there is the 45 minute drive north from Auckland, take a right at Warkworth and begin enjoying picturesque country side, vineyards, and galleries. Drive until you reach the coast. Take a few turns and drive straight past the fish processing plant until you get to the Sawmill cafe. While its reputation for service is crap, the food and the atmosphere are wonderful. Stocking mostly local wines I enjoyed a couple of Hyperion Pinot gris. Lets say the wine was better than their website. At 10pm the concert began, an hour later than advertised, but that's ok because I got to drink more wine. Nathan Haines had teamed up with a band called the "All Stars" and they were. A fantastic percussionist and two amazing singers, one maori fella and one chick from the UK (not to mention assorted keyboardists and a bass guy). The style was Jazz leaning towards pop. Very acessible tunes punctuated with grand jazz solos from Nathan on flute and saxophones. The bongo solo however really bought the house down. It was a great crowd and a great night, I'll be hunting down the latest CD for sure