Monday, March 27, 2006

New Zealand, Culturally Starving?

So its March, and the "International Comedy Festival" is still 2 months away but shows have alredy sold out. U2 tickets were gone in less than an hour and the Rolling Stones sold 40,000 tickets in a day. Kayne West sold out while they were still showing the adverts on TV.

So THANK GOD, I managed to get Tickets to see Danny Bhoy......after my first choice Dylan Moran had already sold out. I mean, Who the HELL flys ALL the way to New Zealand and only does two shows.

So we are all lapping up tickets like starving dogs at a gravy factory. The reality is we are far away from the rest of the world, so when big name acts arrive we go temporarily insane. And on the flip side, we suffer so badly from cultural cringe and tall poppy syndrome that we dont even go see a local act till they've made it big overseas.

But its getting better. Local music is on the up and up. I mean no one is willing to fork out more than ten bucks to see a local band, but hey at least people are turning up to the free gigs now.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Oh! Look what I bought!!!!

So. You may have been waiting with baited breath to see what items I purchased for my birthday.

  • Cast Iron Wok
Its heavy and after a years use, everything I cook in it will taste great. I already have a cast iron pan and its the best for cooking steaks,pancakes and salmon in. the only trouble with cast iron is washing up. You cant use detergents and I like to reseal it after every wash. Time consuming but so worth it!!

  • Ceramic Hair Straightner
Oh yeah, I hope I can figure out how to use the bloody things and not melt my hair. **bloody hell, I have a lot of fricken hair...these things take forever!! I might just stick to paying some one else to do it!!!!!!

  • Electronic Kitchen Scales
I know, sounds boring but they are the coolest. In fact they were my impulse buy! They dont even look like scales. They rock. I will post a picture later to prove it.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

I'm Officially Older!

Another year has past and I find myself inevitably rushing towards 30 but for now I'm happy to be 26. Zed and I went to the wasabi restaurant in Takapuna were we enjoyed a delicious Japanese meal and delicious warmed sake. Later I was showered with gifts. The most gorgeous pearl earrings and DVD'S to keep me out of trouble during the forthcoming winter. Of course I had to treat myself to a few things since its my birthday. Most importantly a day off work and a check up at the Doctors... Oh yeah I really know how to party. But after the check up its off to spend my hard earned cash on some frivolous items for myself.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Win a TEN grand payment on my Student loan!!! or yours...whatever

The good people at Sunday Star Times are running a competition to have a $10,000 repayment made to your student loan. If you dont have a student loan then you can nominate a person to receive it, and that person could be me. So everybody rush out and buy a Sunday Star times and text the code DEBT to 3993. Make sure you buy a new paper each weekend to find out the new code.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Domestic Tips for the Clueless from the Clueless

Never, ever buy cotton/polyester sheets. God they are awful. I was seduced into buying them, like most people I suspect, by the *SALE!*. They were a fashionable shade of brown with a high thread count and low low price. Delighted with my purchase I kept them sitting in the packaging till one day I felt the urge to throw them on the bed. Being sensible I washed them first. How I waited, so eager, while the spin cycle finished. Oh how I hung them with care in the sun to dry.
Then the disappointment began. Upon bringing them in from the line, I noticed they felt kinda crinkly and stiff. I put them on the bed anyway hoping they were just stiff from drying in the sun. Later that night when I hopped into bed, the nightmare began. They were HORRIBLE to sleep on. All scratchy and stiff, also polyester doesn't breath like cotton, so I got all hot, then all cold, then all hot again. After a second night they have been banished from the bed and pure cotton reigns again.
So let this be a lesson to all. Only buy pure cotton sheets if you want to live.