Monday, March 27, 2006

New Zealand, Culturally Starving?

So its March, and the "International Comedy Festival" is still 2 months away but shows have alredy sold out. U2 tickets were gone in less than an hour and the Rolling Stones sold 40,000 tickets in a day. Kayne West sold out while they were still showing the adverts on TV.

So THANK GOD, I managed to get Tickets to see Danny Bhoy......after my first choice Dylan Moran had already sold out. I mean, Who the HELL flys ALL the way to New Zealand and only does two shows.

So we are all lapping up tickets like starving dogs at a gravy factory. The reality is we are far away from the rest of the world, so when big name acts arrive we go temporarily insane. And on the flip side, we suffer so badly from cultural cringe and tall poppy syndrome that we dont even go see a local act till they've made it big overseas.

But its getting better. Local music is on the up and up. I mean no one is willing to fork out more than ten bucks to see a local band, but hey at least people are turning up to the free gigs now.

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