Saturday, September 21, 2013

Bach Brewing - Hopsmacker

The last couple of weeks have had their ups and downs. On the plus side I got my kegerator up and running. On the downside I got all four wisdom teeth out and my taste buds were decimated by the 14 days of prescription mouthwash. So its been a while since I've had the chance to enjoy a beer.

What a pleasure it is to start drinking beer again. There is nothing else that can substitute those hoppy malty flavours. The complex combination of bitter hops and sweet malt with effervescent carbonation is the most satisfying beverage to end my day with. Its why I brew, because when it comes to beer flavour is everything.

My return to beer starts with Bach Brewing's Hopsmacker. The label screams kiwi summers and I have no doubt it with be a holiday favourite.

It pours nice and clear golden yellow with a thin white head (but then I'm a very careful pourer). The aroma is tropical fruit and citrus zest with resinous pine notes. Certainly gets mouth watering. On drinking the peppery and bitter grapefruit flavours of the hops certainly hit the spot. It borders on dry with very little cloying sweet malts. Its a nice sipper and thirst quenching although the hops get a little grassy after while.  At 5.8% its a little kinder on the liver than other hoppy offerings and a nice reintroduction to alcohol after surgery.

Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Golden Eagle - South Island Pale Ale

Golden Eagle is relatively new brewery having been around since 2010. I've had the pleasure of sampling their Coal Face Stout which is an excellent brew especially for such a young brewery. I also thought the Solo Lupulus was pretty outstanding too.

So with great anticipation I pop the cap. A nice little burst of cascade type aroma hops out of the bottle, well I think its New Zealand cascade, the bottle claims five varieties of Nelson hops but fails to specify any. The aroma is a little grassy and herbaceous.

The colour is gorgeous, and amazing burnt orange that made me go "Ooooooo" as I poured it. A lovely little white head completes the picture. Carbonation starts with a little enthusiasm but settles down to moderate in no time. 

Drinking is easy, its sweet with burnt sugar and toffee notes, a lightness and smoothness to the texture of beer helps it slide down. Theres hints of spice with a punch of hops on the finish. The hops are tangy and citrusy with lemon and mandarin flavours. Nothing too extreme either way and at 5.5% makes for a nice spring evenings drinking. Certainly a excellent addition to the Golden Eagle repertoire.