Monday, August 15, 2011

Bad Gym guy, Bad!

My gym is far too crowded at 3:30pm. DON’T ANY OF THESE PEOPLE HAVE JOBS!
I want to lift heavy, heavy weights. So this new gym I joined has a weight room, but its full of bro’s. Am I the only female in there? yes. Scary.
Any who,  when they showed me my program it was only demonstrated to me on this one adjustable rack, and today it was being used, I wandered around and looked at the other stuff, but honestly I have no idea how to use it. Thankfully a gym worker sees me and offers to help. He takes one look at me and and says “lets go to the womans gym” I frown but maybe it has the same equipment.
He then proceeds to tell me how to do all my new mega weightlifting moves using machines instead. THAT’S WHY I QUIT MY LAST GYM they only had machines, oh instead of the deadlift you has just do a leg press. pffft whatever. Oh and here are some 5kg dumbells for you to “bench press” with. Whatever patronising gym guy.
I had to have a minor tantrum, get all shitty and explain that I wanted BARBELLS in the BIG BOY GYM, just show how to adjust these freaky looking racks and stuff. 
So I go lift the heaviest weights I can, and feel like a dick cause I’m surrounded by big strong men. But WHATEVER. I will chest press to failure (that wasn't as humiliating as I thought). I will deadlift pathetic amounts of weight, BUT I WILL GET STRONGER!!!!
Afterwards I had a super long hot shower at the gym, HA I’ll get my value for money out of you yet. Even if its in HOT SHOWERS.
Afterwards I had a sugar free protein shake, like a boss.