Thursday, December 24, 2009

A low Alcohol Christmas.

This year, I have to stay sober for Christmas. I'm the on call technician, so I be sober and clear headed to have the wits about me to "turn if off then on again".

My favourite low alcohol beer is Clausthaler. You can get 4 packs at Foodtown and Countdown for around $7. there are 0.5% alcohol each.

I can drink ten of these before reaching the equivalent of one standard beer. You may be thinking, yeah but whats the point if you can't drink alcohol, why bother with the poor cousin low/no alcohol? I actually like the taste of beer! I would quite happily have one of these for lunch, if it didn't look so dodgy in a hospital cafeteria. I know a lot of people would stick to orange juice and coke, but do like the flavour of alcoholic beverages and not just the getting drunk part.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Cooking POWER!

I bought myself a christmas present today. A heavy stainless steel fry pan. I keep killing those teflon ones. I do have a great cast iron pan, but there are a little bit of a hassle to clean and season each time (but absolutely the best thing to cook with)

I watched this video over at Houseboat Eats about the water test in a stainless steel pan to determine correct cooking temperature and why an under heated pan will "grab" at your meat. I was convinced to test my mettle with this pan.

Lucky for me Briscoes had a 60% off stainless steel cookware sale today. Destined to buy this pan I was!

Monday, December 07, 2009


I got an A- in my exam, I am stoked, i only had a B+ heading in, so I really nailed that sucker. heh heh.
Such an adult student now.

Been wandering around the neighbourhood, I stole 3 miniature rose blooms and stuck them in my hair. Bought a coke, sauntered up the hill in the setting sunlight.

Been reading lately, using the library online request system is the bomb. I browse for what i want, request a hold and a couple of days later I get an email saying everything is ready for pickup. Its brilliant. But does some what lessen the library browsing experience. (Or how I choose books to reading based on the pretty covers)
What its really good for is when you see a book on the internet or a friend tells you about it you can immediately hop online and request the book, ...before you forget. Which I inevitably do.

So I've read some classic science fiction. Heinlein and Clark, "The Moon is a Harsh Mistress" and Childhoods end. That stuff just blows my mind. I know a lot of adults that don't read science fiction just because its "science fiction" I don't know how it got such a stigma attached to it. These are  old, not even the books of my youth, but books I read in my youth. And even at thirty, they are still fresh exciting books to read. The best thing is that the library is full of them, or you can buy them new for almost nothing.