Thursday, December 17, 2009

Cooking POWER!

I bought myself a christmas present today. A heavy stainless steel fry pan. I keep killing those teflon ones. I do have a great cast iron pan, but there are a little bit of a hassle to clean and season each time (but absolutely the best thing to cook with)

I watched this video over at Houseboat Eats about the water test in a stainless steel pan to determine correct cooking temperature and why an under heated pan will "grab" at your meat. I was convinced to test my mettle with this pan.

Lucky for me Briscoes had a 60% off stainless steel cookware sale today. Destined to buy this pan I was!

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Judith said...

This is excellent! I am in the process of ditching all my non-stick pans and getting to know my stainless steel pans again. I'm having to learn who to cook with them all over again. The water trick is very handy! Thanks!