Sunday, April 26, 2009

Oh and I went running..JUST FOR FUN!

This is me after running 5km. I look rather chipper if I do say so myself. We are all hanging round for the prize giving. Run Auckland events are awesome. If you win your race, you get a box of powerade. whopp de doo. But the spot prizes are awesome! The emphasis is on participation, getting auckland off its collective butt.
I ran a rather slow pace. But I finished, next race is in three weeks so I'll see if I can better my time.

Living the High Life.

Of course during periods of crisis on must stay strong. Stiff upper lip and all that. So a Sunday afternoon was spent listening to Jazz at Sale st in the city. Just above glengarry wine shop near Victoria park, this surprisingly large bar has a really nice outdoor area/garden bar kinda thing. Very cool for the inner city.
Of course it was a cold grey Sunday afternoon when we went, but you get the idea.
Delightful Nina and her band were playing. They are called Nina and the Misdeeds. But I think they should be called Nina's Misdeeds or Nina and her Misdeeds. Zed even got up and played tambourine for a bit. Pose for the camera my darlings! A lovely afternoon that could only have been enhanced by better weather or more beer.

This is me thinking my husband is looking awfully suspicious with that camera.


Oh man, I have been disconnected for so long now! Hanging on to the Internets by a small thread, of slow work Internets and Zeds laptop. All thanks to this little bastard. Crummy old motherboard. Oh and crummy old power supply.

So my motherboard was dying and corrupting my hard drive with it. It wasn't going down alone. Thanks to genius husband and apple computers all my data was saved! (though still unacessable to me as its on his work computer, but one day soon I shall have all my files back!)

So I had to go shopping to replace parts galore. mmm 500W power supply! zzzzzzzzap!

Yes yes yes I went with athlon again, I know, I know the intels are better,faster,more productive LA de da. But I was on a budget. Motherboards and chips were cheaper for athlon, and hey, I'm not exactly pushing my PC to the limit with all my "blogging" and civilisation games. So I settled for 2nd tier speeds.
But hey, I got 4gig of ram now (compared to pathetic 1 gig before) and I used to have a crappy 1Ghz chip. Now I got 2.7 with speedy bus and dual core whatsits. I'm FLYING BABY!

Of course now I am brokes, but not as bad as you might think.

I worry about families, who when their computer begins to get a bit slow, run out and buy a WHOLE NEW COMPUTER. Hey WTF! you Don't go and buy a new car when the battery dies and the alternator is fracked. Just replace parts as needed.

I just upgraded my computer to something fast enough to run the enterprise and it only cost me $550.

Oh and then realising my terabyte drive was never coming back form the dead I bought a new one of those too. $229

Details for the geeks:
Chip: 2.7GHz AMD ATHLON X2 7750 Black edition
Motherboard: Gigabyte MA78GM-S2HP
Rams: Super Talent DDR2 800 4gig
Hard drive: Western Digital 1 TB