Friday, October 27, 2006

Wow, we have a pre-approved mortgage!!

We can now go shopping for a house or make an offer on this one. Freaky.
So we have a limit of $420,000. But I would prefer to spend only $400,000 or less. Otherwise I think the repayments might get a little overwhelming. Talk about being all grown up.
Theres nothing like signing up for 25 years of debt to make you feel like an adult.

Update: We decided to make an offer on the place we are living now! We will have to wait till Sunday to hear back from the landlords as they are away. So fingers crossed ;-)

Update: So they decided to sleep on it and we wont hear till tomorrow evening now. Argh! I cant stand the waiting!

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Armageddon 2006

Ah a welcome distraction from the stress in my life is Armageedon, the pop culture expo.
We saw Summer Glau from Serenity and Firefly, and then Tom Lenk from Buffy (yay hes so funny and cute) and I got David Nykl's autograph. He was pretty cool. Its so weird going up for the autographs I feel like such a obsessed fan, even though, Im just a fan, Im pretty normal (well so I like to think!)

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Argh! We are being kicked out of our house!

Well the landlords have announced they are selling it. So we are off to see a mortgage broker on Tuesday to see how much we can borrow. So we will either put an offer in on this place or we will buy somewhere else. I just cant face moving again into yet another rental!
Im not quite ready financially for a mortgage yet, I still have $500 on my credit card! I was hoping for one more pay before we went to the broker so I could pay it off fully and cancel it. Hopefully it wont work against us. More important is probably my student loan! What a nightmare that is, sure they have interest free loans now, but they are still charging interest and it will be refunded in April. So that still feels like two steps forward and one step back when it comes to that.
So its all panic stations and stress right now. Im off to have a beer.

70th Birthday

Ok, so you're not supposed to disclose a Ladies age, but considering how good she looks for her age I dont think she'll mind ;-)
We celebrated my grandmothers 70th birthday recently, and what a do it was. I drank too much, but then hopefully so did everyone else, so maybe no one noticed.
Big Ups to Regula and family for hosting, it was awesome.Oh and we cant forget the cake! Made by Gaylene!!!!!