Friday, March 29, 2013

Eagle vs Dog Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster - Imperial Brown Ale

Mmmm imperial, promises to be full on flavour and booze. I'm already sold.

Who could go past a beer that so blatantly references Hitch hikers guide to the galaxy. Not me obviously, I'm a sucker for sci fi and this label demanded purchase. 

It pours a beautiful deep reddish brown with a light brown head that goes on to lace the glass as the beer goes down. 

A nice hoppy and toasted grain aroma greets the drinker. That is to say it greets me, it doesn't slap or shout or hide demurely. Its just a friendly hello from beer. I can also detect a ruddy sweet aroma, I think it might be the alcohol.

First sip is hoppy and bitter, sweetness is minimal but mouthfeel is gorgeous, smooth and creamy. Hints of raisins and coffee on the finish and the lingering hoppy bitterness is very enjoyable. I think the high alcohol content (7.5%) is contributing to the perceived raisin flavour. 

Its a slow sipper, definitely not a quaffer and probably quite nice after a meal with a cheese plate.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Mike's Strawberry Sour

I've been taking papers at Uni. Yes its continuing education for the old. Must develop career blah blah blah.Was I ever so young as these fresh faced idiotic first years? Oh yes, and probably worse. But I can't comprehend spending thousands per year and then talking your way through lectures. My withering stares don't seem to be working either. Looks like I'll have to nerd up and sit near the front of the class.
To celebrate my confusion in applied statistical modelling and because its my birthday, I treated myself to this delightful brew.

Oh my. Strawberries. It smells like strawberries. Its the end of summer but soft aroma's bring it all back. Beautiful ripe refreshing strawberry. 

It pours dark, a brown red that reminds me of fruit wines. The aroma is reminiscent of a fruit wine but its a BEER, whats going on.

Flavour is whats going on. Holy crap its like someone took the ripest, sweetest, darkest red strawberries and made them into jam, then they took that jam and made beer. A sweet/sour fruity beer. Its hard to find the malt in here, its probably part of the sweetness that balanced out the sour so perfectly. This fruit beer has a lovely balance and a dry finish. No cloying syrup feel here, just refreshing bright strawberry. So light in the mouth, with subtle carbonation to refresh and delight its ever so drinkable. It's a little like champagne with its delicate mouthfeel.

A beaut little woody/vanilla aroma is in the mix and becomes more evident as the beer warms in the glass. With a smaller volume some golden hues also start to shine in the dying evening light. 

I'm very new to the whole sour beer style, but I can see why its damn popular. Mike's have a delicious example here, my palates too inexperienced to tell if its brett or lacto, but whatever it is, its damn good. 

Seek this out before summer ends, sip on the deck with some brie or camembert watching the dying sun. You wont regret it.