Saturday, March 18, 2006

Domestic Tips for the Clueless from the Clueless

Never, ever buy cotton/polyester sheets. God they are awful. I was seduced into buying them, like most people I suspect, by the *SALE!*. They were a fashionable shade of brown with a high thread count and low low price. Delighted with my purchase I kept them sitting in the packaging till one day I felt the urge to throw them on the bed. Being sensible I washed them first. How I waited, so eager, while the spin cycle finished. Oh how I hung them with care in the sun to dry.
Then the disappointment began. Upon bringing them in from the line, I noticed they felt kinda crinkly and stiff. I put them on the bed anyway hoping they were just stiff from drying in the sun. Later that night when I hopped into bed, the nightmare began. They were HORRIBLE to sleep on. All scratchy and stiff, also polyester doesn't breath like cotton, so I got all hot, then all cold, then all hot again. After a second night they have been banished from the bed and pure cotton reigns again.
So let this be a lesson to all. Only buy pure cotton sheets if you want to live.

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