Monday, February 06, 2006

Nathan Haines Live at the Sawmill Cafe

What an experience! Firstly there is the 45 minute drive north from Auckland, take a right at Warkworth and begin enjoying picturesque country side, vineyards, and galleries. Drive until you reach the coast. Take a few turns and drive straight past the fish processing plant until you get to the Sawmill cafe. While its reputation for service is crap, the food and the atmosphere are wonderful. Stocking mostly local wines I enjoyed a couple of Hyperion Pinot gris. Lets say the wine was better than their website. At 10pm the concert began, an hour later than advertised, but that's ok because I got to drink more wine. Nathan Haines had teamed up with a band called the "All Stars" and they were. A fantastic percussionist and two amazing singers, one maori fella and one chick from the UK (not to mention assorted keyboardists and a bass guy). The style was Jazz leaning towards pop. Very acessible tunes punctuated with grand jazz solos from Nathan on flute and saxophones. The bongo solo however really bought the house down. It was a great crowd and a great night, I'll be hunting down the latest CD for sure

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