Saturday, December 27, 2008

Facebook Stalker

I am a facebook stalker.

My trombone tutor moved to the other side of Auckland, and it was a bit far to travel for me, so no more lessons until I can find a local trombone tutor. I was gutted.

I had this nagging thought that she dropped me as a student because I don't practise that much and I sometimes cancelled lessons. Adult students are probably a bit harder to reign in as I have no mother driving me to lessons and nagging me to practise. So to get rid of the doubt I did a little internet stalking.

Okay not really. I just looked her up on facebook, to see if she was really moving. Smart cookie has her profile set to private, but I could still look at her friends list. I've had a feeling things were not right at the household where I went to have my lessons. She seemed tired, upset. Her husband wasn't around as much.

So I looked through her friends list and saw her husbands profile. I always thought she was too good for him. (but what can you tell about a person through weekly 1/2 instruction? not much but it was a hunch I had) I went to her husbands profile and he was listed as single. WTF and had written an update about what an "exciting night" he'd just had or some other bullshit. What a wanker. He had barely moved out!

Now I see hes in a relationship with someone else (its been less than two months since he left!). Thanks bastard. You lost me my trombone teacher. They had only been married for a short time too. So I feel bad for her. And that I turned into an internet stalker and surmised the private details of someones life. Bad me. But hey, you put it online and I will find it.

Hey I'm ALL over the internet.

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