Monday, December 29, 2008

Rain day for BBQ date

I am supposed to be going out for a BBQ laze in the sun lunch type thing today.
Alas, it is raining. Good for the garden, not god for BBQs. Believe me I know rain is not good for BBQs. I have a very bad habit of grilling and then leaving the lid off the BBQ. Three days later and rain has done its damage. That's the danger of BBQ in winter. Still that baby got a lot of use. Even in winter we would crank er up EVERY Thursday for steak night. Often in deepest darkest winter I'd be out there in the drizzle cooking by the light of my cellphone. I'll get out there and clean it soon, its probably nothing a good scrub with a wire brush wont fix (fingers crossed!) because dammit, I miss steak night.

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