Monday, December 22, 2008

Fueling my book addiction without leaving the house

My new find is swap club.
Its so under promoted you might think that the first rule of swap club is, don't talk about swap club. Maybe its a good thing because the layout is still a bit clunky and large volumes might make the site a bit unwieldy.

Anyway on to the nitty gritty..
Swap club is a website where you offer things to"swap".
Every time you give something away you earn points.
You can then "spend" those points on items from other members.

E.g today I offered an old Dean Koontz for two points. Yay someone wanted it and I earned two points. I can then spend my two points with any other member, not just the one I swapped with.
Its a great way to get books for free (well other than postage)

I just ordered Banner of Souls by Liz Williams and I'm browsing for some more summer reading.

I like free things!

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