Sunday, December 21, 2008

I corgette down - 4 to go

Well I got back from my lightning trip to Kerikeri to find 4 more courgettes on my plant ready for the picking. So far from one plant 546g of courgettes. Considering the seedling cost me $2 Its already paid for itself.

I made myself a really nice lunch too. I had some Wonton soup stock, so I boiled it up added some onion and a few prawns dumplings. While they were cooking a sliced a courgette into super fine ribbons using my best christmas present ever, a slicer thingee!! I think its know as a mandolin, anyway near the end of cooking the dumplings I added my thin ribbons of courgette and mmm presto I had delicious dumpling soup. It was really yumy. I also have a recipe for courgette fritters thats super easy and quick. Hopefuly I won't get sick of them, I mean how productive can one zuchinni plant be!?

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