Saturday, December 27, 2008

A Day On holiday

I get up, my phone is dead on the nightstand. I ran out of credit just before christmas, then it went flat. I am considering leaving it off.

The damn thing is usually my alarm clock. I'm glad its off.

So I wake up with the light, wander outside and look at my garden. Tomatoes are still green. Leaf hopper nymphs still killing my cucumbers. Courgettes abound.

I dig a few holes and plant some stuff. Ponder digging over another vege patch, it gets hot, I get tired. I go back inside

I have some breakfast, cup of tea and a fruit mince pie. There is still dirt under my finger nails.

I go back to the garden and lug buckets of weeds up to the garden bin, they are not good enough for my compost. Dig another hole, plant more things. Get a bit hot and sweaty. Head back inside for an 11am beer.

Feel sleepy but decide to drag Zed out for a walk round the beach. He agrees heartily. 3 hours later we leave to enjoy the seaside for a bit and then head home for a late lunch/early dinner? (4pm) of bacon and egg toasted sandwiches. I have mine with tomato sauce.

Watch a bit of telly in the nude, decide to have a nap.

Head back to the garden at 7:30 (with clothes back on) for a water and another inspection of my still green tomatoes. Pick a few caterpillars off my self seeded broccoli from last year. Really must eat some lettuces.

Have a whiskey and browse the Internet.

I love being on holiday.

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