Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I hate having a joint Credit card

When we got a mortgage the bank didn't like the idea of us having two credit cards, so we cancelled mine and got a joint account. AND I HATE IT.

It never shows who bought what, and you can't tell who made what repayments.

Also I am crap at managing it. I think a part of me ignores the small purchases I make thinking my husband will pay for it (wishful thinking), however when I had my own credit card I was responsible for every dollar and managed things just fine. I know my husband blames me for the credit card bill never going down, always holding steady. He's probably right. (Okay, Okay, he is right but its the only time you'll see that in writing.)

I AM SPENDING CRAZY WIFE.....(the kind you read about in novels, buying Prada sunglasses and Gucci handbags while the insurance clerk husband has to take a second job and becomes weakened and sick due to working 16 hour days!!!!!!!)

Although its not that bad (I don't think I'm sending my husband to an early grave just yet), after all it's not a crazy amount, sigh, but its an annoying amount. And I loath seeing it carried over month after month.

So perhaps it is time to remove myself from the credit card world. Yes, in fact... I resign! Its a horrible system encouraging consumerism. bah. Good riddance. Goodbye cruel credit!

** It is done, I phoned them, and said, "NO MORE of your temptations cruel serpent, I repent and will destroy this foul plastic that corrupts my wallet so!" then I pressed 1 for customer service.

All that is left to do is the ritual sacrifice of the credit card:

a) Burning
b) Microwaving
c) Chemical disruption
d) Traditional - cut to smithereens!!!!

Your vote counts!

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