Friday, March 27, 2009

Small Pleasures AND PAINS!

Sometimes a girl has got to treat herself...... yes treat herself to 15 minutes of agony. Treat my arse.

Anyway sometimes I get my eyebrows done, its $18 but I always feel a million bucks afterwards so its a good investment. If I look a little shiny in this photo I must admit I have been slaving in the kitchen making spinach and ricotta cannelloni. SLAVING. I'm actually having people over for dinner. Shock horror.

Anyway back to my eyebrow story, I usually get a frightful eastern block woman with a thick accent and an eye for the glamorous. I walk away with eyebrows usually only found on Russian super models. But today I got a shy little Indian lady, who asked if I would like to try threading instead. (Anythings got to be better than hot wax I thought) I was very wrong.

So while I sat through paid pain therapy I asked her about her life to distract her from my watering eyes. She used to work in a Fancy hotel in Delhi, India, she made okay money but got lots of tips. She gets paid worse here. Yep, New Zealand wages suck but money sure ain't everything.

There are many cheap pleasures in life. For example eyebrow shapes $18 and new bath mats $9.95

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