Sunday, March 08, 2009

Its been a draining week. Caution - self indulgent pity party ahead.

Oh I've been tired and feeling sorry for myself.

My wisdom tooth decided to retreat below the gums, and who can blame it, my mouth is hardly the party central it was in my youth. I'd take a peek and go back to bed and my nice wamr gums too. Anyway bastard thing got my gum infected and I had to go to the dentist. Consequently I'm having the tooth ripped out in two weeks. Meantime I shall raise funds for this thrilling endeavour.Overtime funness?

So with pain and general malaise I went to work, damn antibiotics didn't seem to kill anything, and the top wisdom tooth, all sharp and new would slice into my bottom swollen gum every time I closed my mouth. I tasted blood throughout the days and fell exhausted onto the couch the end of each working day. Face infections are no fun, and my lopsided chipmunk impression wasn't winning me any fans.

(told you I was feeling sorry for myself)

The pain has mostly subsided (mostly, oh god is it still infected!!!!!?) and the antibiotics have all been eaten, my pee stopped smelling funny and now I can just focus on the pain of paying for it to be removed.

And that was my thrilling week.


Nina said...

Oh my god Susie, thats horrible! You poor thing.
I know how that feels. My wisdom tooth almost killed me (literally).
Holy crap that suuuucks the big one.
If there is anything I can do...? xx

Cavegirl Nat said...

Oh Susie! Poor you; hope you feel better soon.

You pay?!? Isn't that what husbands are for? tee hee.


Anonymous said...

Oh poor Susie thats horrible been there years ago in the days when they took out all your teeth but left the wisdoms to come down later and went through it all again - whats this word wisdom got to do with teeth anyway!.......Big loves and healing thoughts from DubaixxxxGaely

Zed said...

More blog action needed! ;o)
What about the wine box?