Monday, February 23, 2009

Fix the Weird Beer Situation lady!

On Sunday we were having a totally hot, sweaty, non relaxing time in mission bay and it was beginning to make my husband grumpy. So I thought we could remedy the situation with a beer at a local cafe. This is what we got..........

Mmmmmmmm Beer served in a glass with ICE and a wedge of lemon. I mention the fact that there was ice in the beer to the management. And that I find it a little weird.

Apparently it was the waiters second day. Did we get replacement beers? Did we get discounted beers? Did we get free beers.....No no and no.

Did we have a good laugh about our icy beers? Yes.

In other news I went for a run today, starting to get that fitness feeling again. Now that its not quite so hot. It was a pathetic attempt at a jog really, but at least I'm getting my steps up!

Steps so far today: 12,756


Cavegirl Nat said...

What the frack? Some kind of European thing?

Zed said...

It was an unusual drink - but at least it was cold ;o)