Tuesday, February 03, 2009

New reasons to love your vagina! It rocks to be a woman!

It actually saves you the pain of open abdominal surgery!

Yes you can now get your appendix removed via your vagina!

That's pretty awesome.

And now you can fit a KIDNEY down that sucka! Yes kidneys out your Va-jayjay! Great news for female kidney donors.

Less pain, almost no scarring, safer for obese people and faster recovery times!

Its part of a new surgical trend Removing stuff through natural openings know as "natural orifice translumenal endoscopic surgeries (NOTES) ".

Awesome. One up for the ladies, you men can stick to your 6 inch incisions and scars. I'll take my pain free, scarless surgery. Yeeha.


Nina said...

ew. I cant quite find it in me to rejoice. lol.

Cavegirl Nat said...

damn it! too late to save me from my scar!