Monday, February 09, 2009

I be grillin! Don't be hatin'

I'm always blogging about dinner. But I love cooking, and look! I eats my vegetables! I'm not just all about the meat. Although I did have lamb with this meal (Lamb back strap, cheap tender, lean. Rub with garlic, morrocan spice, smash some really ripe cherry yellow tomatoes on it. Grill, eat.) My lettuces are not growing as fast as I would like, so tonights salad was all herbs and bits and pieces from my garden, it tasted very country. Thyme is still my favourite herb. It smells so goooood. Fennel is a surprise, just a wee bit in the salad = good. Mint and mint flowers. Marigold flowers, nastursums, oregano, chives, radishes, matoes all good stuff!

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Cavegirl Nat said...

Mmmmmm! Yum.