Saturday, February 14, 2009

Love is Pancakes

Nothing says "I Love You" like pancakes and bacon. Opting for a brunch date at the paper moon cafe was excellent idea. We chat and I have a cup of coffee and two cups of tea to Zeds single latte. I harass him about joining kiwisaver, he smiles and tells me how gorgeous I am. Its love all over again.

I have long dropped the idea that Valentines day requires some kind of super date or extreme gift. But just because the day is so commercialised is no reason to ignore the chance to let my darling know how much I love him. In fact there is no reason to skip any opportunity for declarations of love and moments of affection. A year of such love makes valentines day seem superfluous though.

Its raining today, the bedroom window was left open out of humid habit and I awoke to find the cat licking the windowsill. Yes windowsill water is apparently tastier than bowl water. I completely understand, there is nothing like fresh rainwater, as a child I would run my hands through fresh wet bushes and suck all the rain drops off my hand. It tasted like freshness and trees.

Today I am going to read books.

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