Thursday, February 19, 2009

Corporate Funness

Work work work, its not enough that I give them a third of my day in exchange for cash, no, now they want me to be healthy too.
As part of some sick twisted brainstorming session in conference room one (basement, windowless under gastro) it was decided that the workforce must be healthier. So we are all taking part in the corporate version of the 10,000 steps plan. Everyone gets a free pedometer!!! YAY ITS SO MUCH BETTER THAN THAT PAY RISE I WAS HOPING FOR! We are in teams and we have to walk the length of New Zealand. (Figuratively).
Although I am a chubby monkey, I am a busy little chubby monkey and manage 10,00 steps without doing much extra. So I have been increasing my goal by 1000 steps each day. Some of my colleagues are lucky to break 5000 steps. Whats really been surprising is how effective the whole scheme is. Everyone is wasting precious work minutes by comparing pedometer readouts. People are walking more and taking more exercise. Some workers are even wearing the goofy free t-shirt on their lunch breaks and walking round the block!!!!! Its a million degrees outside. We are all so sweaty. Its awesome.
Steps today: 14161

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Cavegirl Nat said...

We did that challenge in December last year but we had to buy our own pedometers! I got mine from the Warehouse and, naturally, had to take it back after a week, as it had fallen apart. Then the second one fell apart, so I gave up altogether.
Now we're on to a 'healthy eating challenge'. Tomorrow I have to get up an hour earlier than usual, to make corner fritters, which I will try to sell to my workmates at morning tea time, in order for my team to win.
And this weekend we did the Taupo Great Lake Relay. I walked 8.3km in 1hr 10 mins, starting at 3am. In the rain. Yes, 3am, in the rain, after being up since 7am the morning before and working all day, then driving to Taupo. WHY?!?
All this healthiness is making me very tired ... (is that healthy?).

14,161 is a bloody good step count. Go Susie!