Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Beer and shit

Ah New Zealand. Auckland even, the 'burbs. No pretension here. Glenfield ain't Ponsonby bro.

I was buying a six pack of beer, on special only $9.99

Clerk: "Do ya wanna bag for that?"


as receipt prints
Clerk:"do ya want this shit?"

Me: "Nah"
I leave store

End scene

I like beer, I often keep a bunch of low alcohol (0.5% Clausthaler) around for drinking at times when alcohol would be inappropriate, like breakfast time, in bed while watching Battlestar Galactica, or while driving. Its just damn good stuff. (Two of the the three previous scenarios are real, can you guess which one?)


Anonymous said...

Boyfriend and I are going Breakfast and Battlestar.

Nina said...

That is so new zealand. I love a beer when driving too. BAAAHAHA!

Cavegirl Nat said...

I know you is drinking in bed at breakfast time with the battlestar. don't fool nobody, sucka.

Zee said...

Sometimes I wish I could take a photo ;o)