Thursday, February 12, 2009

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Yeah its hot, and we're ALL sick of hearing about it, so this wont be a post about how sleeping with the fan causes my husband to dream about hurricanes, or how every time I leave air conditioned work I feel like I'm walking through a sauna to get to my car or how I drive the car the LONG way home to sit in air conditioned comfort for just a few minutes longer.
No this post isn't going to be about any of that.

Actually I've forgotten what this was really going to be about.

General catch up?

Suddenly I am enjoying reading again. I went through a phase were every book I picked up was bad. But after some awesome summer reading I'm back into it again. Yes back to falling asleep in awkward positions, thumb slowly dying because its stuck in a thick hardcover book and the circulation is dwindling. Darling husband faithfully removes glasses and puts book away even though most times I mutter something ungrateful to him, half asleep. then with a kiss goodnight I am back asleep again, always waking up AMAZED at how my glasses are magically on my bedside table and book bookmarked.

pg13 picture of susie sleeping!
(what has been seen cannot be unseen!)

I also love beer. I tried stopping beer to see if I would lose any weight, after 3 ish weeks with no beer I still was the same. So I am back on the beer but have joined the gym. The perfect compromise. Its a fancy gym, they call it supervised training (or "oh GOD oh GOD oh GOD MY ARMS!" really it should be their slogan). Its hard to drive home sometimes.

I am super pleased with GMK's management of my kiwisaver fund through these fracked (and if you aren't watching the new battlestar you SHOULD BE!) up financial times. Every things on the up this month. I am confident of seeing good returns this year. I also LOVE their monthly reports, so detailed and emails to remind me to go look at them. $ 67.59 worth of google shares! Yeah I pawns the interwebs!

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Cavegirl Nat said...

Beautiful photo! You should be a model (no, not being sarcastic here missy).

I need to get me a retirement fund, or any kind of fund.