Sunday, February 01, 2009

Compost Resolustions!

Last year I attempted composting. It didn't work too well as I had too much dry material, mostly garden trimmings. Problem was I found composting kitchen scraps to be such a hassle. Stinky buckets, cleaning said bucket every time, going down to the compost bin every night in the cold miserable wet winter. It was not fun. So I ended up with a cup of beautiful compost and a bin full of dry twigs.
So this year, my resolution is to compost all my kitchen scraps, and I'm doing it with the help of this thing. Its a food scraps bin that comes with biodegradable bags! It sits on the kitchen bench and when its full you can just toss the whole bag in the compost. Brilliant. You can buy your own mini bin with biodegradable bags from earth angel. So no more food waste down the insinkerator, no more food scraps to landfill! Everything is going back into the earth for my garden.

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Nina said...

Oh thats awesome. Food waste stink is the worst! What an invention!