Monday, July 02, 2007

On Passing

On Saturday, Popsie died.
I will remember all the things he did for us. The blocks, the trains, the diggers and planes.
The beautiful wooden keepsafe box with lock and key made just for me.
And I will try not to remember the look in his eyes at the hospice. Though I doubt I ever will.
I will remember watching the Two Ronnies and the Great Escape and Top Secret on video over and over again when we went to visit, wondering how he managed to laugh and not drop his roll ya own.
I will remember cups of tea with two sugars to get me hooked on tea from an early age (still addicted) , and more butter than marmite on my toast. And even when I was in my twenties still having these things made for me when I stayed.
I will remember the hand crank telephone, and ringing down to the garden shed to say that lunch was ready. The best smoked fish ever. And eating whole flounders which I've never done again.
I will remember sitting in the back seat of the Peugot 404 with the hot sticky red vinyl seats driving from Kaikohe to Kerikeri through the "darkies" and it feeling like a trip to somewhere magic.

And I will never forget how often I didn't visit.


Nina said...

Those memories are really beautiful. I will make sure I take nanna out on a date this week.
Your Popsie sounded like a really lovely man.
Big hugs xx

James said...

Very sorry to hear that - lots of love and hugs from Polly and myself (and make Zed buy you lots of chocolate).

Gaely & Bigs said...

And I am sure the boys will remeber the go cart and the stink and early days the swing with the tire and the seesaw and the rope swings and surely we will never forget - "somethings wrong" - "not to worry Sam will fix it - still with the roll ya own and spanner and #8 wire and more and more - memries are forever - thankyou Sam

Cavegirl said...


Anonymous said...

Susie Rocks!!!

(all the crowd sitting in front of the big screen at Kendal Road admiring for flicker & blogger pages 5.7.2007)