Monday, April 28, 2008

Expensive Food and Petrol. Get Used to it.

Some people are carrying on, blissfully unaware.

Me: I can't believe I just paid $2.30 for a litre of milk.

L: Oh really, is that expensive? I wouldn't know what a litre of milk costs

Me: Well its was only $1.79 in December.

Meanwhile my mind boggles at being able to trot around the supermarket not caring about the price of things. Who can afford to do that?!

We've had it good, for so long, foods been cheap and plentiful. I think we are entering a new reality or I am entering a new reality all by myself. Whatever.

India stops exporting wheat and rice
, China increases its demand for dairy. Haitians resort to eating dirt(but don't you feel too bad about it). Food riots in over 20 countries. Drought in Australia.

No point in complaining about prices, they are here to stay and will probably get worse.

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