Monday, June 16, 2008

Dear NZ politicians

Where are your charismatic figures?

Where are the awe inspiring speeches?Actually where are any speeches. If I went by the media, I would believe that no one had given a speech since Don Brash at Orewa and that the closest thing since was the "diddums" comment.

Did you notive we are having an election soon, I want policy, I want inspiration! I want to see someone passionate about leading this country.

If I hear John Key fob off one more interveiw question with "we will be releasing policy closer to the election" I will be only mildy annoyed and not surprised. You've had four years to work on policy. What are you afriad of?

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Anonymous said...

Could be worse. They could be electioneering, or worse, trying to be tough on the popular issues of the day.

You can have Gordon Brown, if you'd like....