Monday, August 04, 2008

Spicy Rustic Red Lentil Soup

Food Gawker is the place to go for foodie inspiration.
While there I came across spicy rustic red lentil soup.

I said to myself.

After all I quite like dahl, I made that once. (True bro!)

And while my picture is not very inspiring, it is proof that I cooked something off the interweb. Trust me it was delicious. Red lentils cook super quick and go very mushy, I always chuck half a cup into beef stews or the chilli con carne, and no one really even notices them. But they add bulk and texture and other goody goodness.

A recipe and a much nicer picture is this way at A Life (time) of Cooking. I added turmeric and cayenne pepper and used about three times as much tomato paste and used half chicken stock and half water. Also I'm eating it unadulterated. I'm brave that way.

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