Sunday, October 05, 2008

things that grate my nerves

People who talk to themselves.

Not just once or twice a day, but constantly, narrating their whole life.

People who whistle, hum, sing, tap things all the time.

Not just every now and then, but constantly filling the silence.

I sometimes wonder if these people are afraid of silence, if perhaps they have an evil interior monologue that tells them nasty things, or are their heads otherwise empty.


Lefto said...

Definitely the evil interior monologue.
Those damn whistlers and their dark dark thoughts!

Lisa said...

Hey! Just been reading through some of your blog - you are just as funny (if not funnier) as you were at school! Your painting was awesome, and dinners look yum - and your efforts at weeding DO look better than before.

I talk to myself :( But USUALLY only when people are not around..... However it is getting worse. I am quite sure I will be an elderly person who talks NON STOP to myself to the absolute exclusion of talking to others. Maybe we shouldn't share an elderly person's hospital room - LOL.

Looking forward to catching up soon!

Zee said...

Well maybe not the whistling (cos I can't very well) but I'm probably guilty of all the other things.

Unfortunately the new songs I always have running through my head could drive me crazy unless I let them out. (To drive YOU crazy!) Sorry sweetie ;o)

And apparently my songs are quite "emo" hehe

Bentoist said...

I talk to myself, and it drives my coworker nuts when I work.

It's funny how people are uncomfortable with silence, such social creatures we are. Reading your post, I was reminded of Simon and Garfunkel's song, "The Sound of Silence" on apathy, and on society's indifference in this technological age. Obviously, they have not heard of the Internet when they wrote that piece. But oh well... just a thought to tag onto your thought there. =)

Anonymous said...

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S said...

Spam, spam also grinds my nerves.