Saturday, November 07, 2009

If you are old like me, don't go to Moonsoon Poon

I'm a grumpy old woman now.

Officially. I never thought 29 would be the end point, but what can I say, I'm over it.
I'm over loud obnoxious music being piped into the restaurant.
I really don't enjoy shouting at my friends for 2 hours or crappy service.

Monsoon Poon is a restaurant that thinks its a nightclub, with their policy of sending everyone to the bar to spend money on drinks first and pumping out the music so loud that you can't talk and all there is to do while you wait for your table is drink drink drink. Very devious.
I won't be going back, but some demographic obviously enjoys the place because it was completely packed.

I'm just over the loudness.

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Nina said...

Me and Brendon have been a few times, and always had a jolly good time! I think it depends what section you are in, and whether you have had enough cocktails...