Sunday, January 03, 2010

Okura walking track

Just north of Torbay is the Okura Scenic reserve, a chunk of native bush along an estuary. The fool hardy can also undertake a 10km hike through said reserve and along a beach to visit a tiny historic brick cottage.

The Okura track is promoted as easy, and its not too bad apart from a couple of steep climbs which my calf muscles are still recovering from, but the track is in good condition and there are steps where necessary (yay thanks DOC!). A more accurate description of the Okura track can be found on the fatmandu blog.
I wouldn't want to do this track after any amount of rain though, looks like it would turn to mud in a flash.
The cottage has trees and shade a plenty to provide good picnicing spots, we took a lunch of apricots nectarines,boiled eggs,nuts and christmas cake. I felt very famous five.

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