Sunday, February 12, 2012

Introverts Afternoon out

Takapuna is an odd little centre but I really like it, despite its efforts to pretend its nowhere near the beach.
There are a few things horribly wrong with it, but its the same affliction spread  over most of auckland. Crappy apartment buildings. Even worse, leaky crappy apartment buildings full of people who complain about the noise. 

For lunch I decided to try Sals, a new york style pizza place. Slice and a beer for $11. Montieths Pilsner or Amstel on tap. It was pretty good. Pepperoni wasn't too strong and the base was nice and salty. Would eat again!
It can be strange, eating alone, but there was someone else inside eating and reading a book by themselves so I wasn't the only weirdo in the shop. I used to be able to find a lot of alone time at home. But since its become overcrowded I've had to leave the comforts of my dwelling to find that restorative time. Its kind of ironic, the introvert has to leave the house and go out into the big wide world to be alone. 

Next was just some wandering and wondering. This was in a pop-up gallery. I guess that's where they fill and empty shop with art. I like kiwiana but this maybe taking it a bit too far. The artist is Rachel Foster. She is pretty gorgeous, I wonder if she uses herself as a model for her series of sexy ladies draping themselves over kiwi icons?
Then I had to stop in retrospace to see if there was any cool new dr who stuff. I also saw a tribble and this stormtrooper helmet. But funds are low so just browsing today. Lots of nerds in the shop today. I wish I worked there, but only on Sundays.
Walked further down to Glengarrys to check out the craft beer selections. Portofino had like 50 gabillion empty tables, I thought it was closed till I saw one occupied table in a sea of white table cloths. Maybe it sucks ass? Anyway here are the awesome beers I got from glengarry.

It started hosing down and it was afternoon tea time so I had a coffee and slice at didas....ooooooo discount with my Glengarry card! Yay. I am still amazed at how cafes cant do a ginger cruch to save themselves. I think they all buy it from the same crappy supplier. Either that or I am wrong in what I think a ginger crunch should be. BISCUITY BASE PEOPLE, BISCUITY BASE. I like a crunchy base, what can I say.

Once it mostly stopped raining I wandered down to my car, and watched the windsurfers for a bit. Cool sea air, mental quietness, it was all good.

The end.

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Nina said...

Good on ya for taking yourself out! Sounds like a very nourishing thing to do. Glad you are blogging again!