Saturday, January 12, 2013

Coconut porter

Thanks to my lovely husband I had the opportunity to go to Brothers Beer this afternoon. Brothers beer, serve beer brew beer and sell a massive range of bottled craft beer from New Zealand and around the world.

I enjoyed a ParrotDog Pit bull IPA on site and then browsed for some takeaway bottles. The Geek  coconut porter caught my eye. I last had a coconut porter so many years ago (I cant remember exactly when)  at Hallertau when they were doing a macaroon flavoured porter. I think its a winning flavour combination, its like the dark chocolate bounty bar of beers.

The geek porter is a sight for porter starved eyes. Its ever so dark in colour, with a thin off white head that only maintains a ring around the edge of my glass as the beer goes down.

There are hints of coconut on the nose, it subtle, rounding the edges of the aroma and melded in with cocoa and well toasted grain.

The mouth is full on porter, chocolately toasted grains with sweet malt and sweet coconut sneaking in at the end. As the beer warms the sweetness is certainly dominates with barely enough dark roast grains to carry through. Its syrupy and silky in the mouth with a slight fine effervescence of carbonation keeping things lively.

I enjoy chilled porters in summer, but prefer them a little warmer in winter. Its the middle of the humid Auckland summer right now so the beer is too warm for me right now.

Overall this is a very enjoyable coconut porter, serve nice and chilled in summer for best effect.

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