Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Service in this country?

Well after a weekend of mediocre at best service, I'm just about ready to never leave the house again, that is if I could rely on the pizza guy to find my house.
It all started with being put on standby for a flight, even when I checked in early and booked my ticket months in advance. No apology, just a vague threat of not being able to get to my destination. Then a restaurant in a popular tourist location not accepting Credit cards and not accepting cash ("oh we're running out of change") luckily eftpos was available.
And then my John Cleese tickets, cancelled and shifted to a later date. And a different venue, and crappier seats, and NO they cant send out new tickets automatically, I have to go in and exchange them Argh, I've already been inconvenienced enough. Sigh. And no apology from the person I chatted to on the phone. Also I paid to have something large and heavy delivered to my house. I was very greatful that the store offered this service as I would not be able to manage on my own. So my item is delivered and there is only one delivery guy and he cant lift it on his own. I end up having to help haul it in, christ I'm 5'1 and a weakling.

Well I'm going to try going to the movies tonight. Hopefully it wont be a complete abortion.

I'm sure that not all those in the industry hate their jobs. Perhaps they are all eventually worn down by dealing with consumers, people who expect to be humoured and pampered every time they leave the house so they don't have to feel bad about buying things they don't need and cant afford.

I didn't start out being the shitty customer. For years I have been polite, and friendly to retail, restaurant and other service industry staff. I think the shift starts when you realise you are paying a company for service and that you don't want to pay for a shitty attitude.

So hey, I'll be taking my business elsewhere, not that it makes much difference in this consume consume consume

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