Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Universal pre-Xmas Car troubles

oh god, I took the car in for a service and a warrent, and LO, behold, the $550 minimum required repairs quote I have in mine hand!
to get a warrent it requires....
Brake Pads,
front suspension bushes replaced
engine mount is worn argh... no wonder there were so many vibrations/
some kind of belt replaced (by the time the mechanic got to this my eyes were watering and there was a rushing in my ears as I saw all the money I had pass before my eyes. but its not the cam belt)
Not to mention it needs a new battery,
Transmission flush,
Power steering fluid,
New Spark plugs,
and blah blah blah
just as well I already have a lot of my christmas shopping done.

Damn if only Auckland had a decent (or any kind of) public transport system, I could ditch my car altogether.

Hey I could even walk, I tried that one day. Takes just under an hour. I may well be doing that tomorrow.

Its definately a beer day. Maybe even a 2 beer day.

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James said...

Interesting and no doubt vexing fact: Only 30% of Londoners own a car. So come, join us :-) You too can enjoy being wedged between sweaty bodies on the tube...