Monday, December 19, 2005

Victims receive only 3% of reparations

From NZ herald
Victims of crime are getting less than 3 per cent of reparation payments owed to them and the system needed an overhaul, National law and order spokesman Simon Power says.

Mr Power obtained court figures that showed 97 per cent or $57 million of reparation owed to victims had not been paid in the 2004-05 financial year.

In 2003-04, 97 per cent or $51m was unpaid, in 2002-03 it was 98 per cent or $47m and in 2001-02, it was also 98 per cent or $43 million.

Mr Power said the figures were a scandal and victims of crime were being violated twice by not getting their reparation.

"They suffer the original crime at the hands of criminals, and then salt is rubbed into their wounds when money owed to them by way of reparation is not paid."

Yeah so a judge orders a the convicted criminal to pay $3000 damages to their assault victim.
But those repayments are never enforced? Why doesn't the court have the authority to take the money directly out of any wages? Or benefit payments? Its pathetic and been going on for years.


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