Monday, August 07, 2006

Its great to be back in New Zealand

well.. sort of. Its Effen Cold and raining, but then whats new. Here is a picture of me moments from hypothermia on the only the only fine day this winter. But wasn't it a beauty, not a cloud in the sky.
Now of course I am the better half of a married couple its time to get down to the most important business of married people.
Buying a house.
What freaking hell god to I have to sell my soul to for this one. Have you seen house prices lately? better yet, Have you SEEN my salary lately! Well they say everyone should have a dream.
So now its frugal living time. Might as well get used to it because it will be worse when we have a mortgage.
So dont invite me out for dinner unless you're buying and you can forget about that christmas present! But if you want to come round and play scrabble that would be cool. Bring wine.


Cavegirl said...

At least there's two of you. I'm trying to save a deposit on my own! And I'm not even on a fixed salary! Go hard you two.

scientician said...

Thanks Bro! At this rate I'll be able to afford the shack of my dreams in no time.