Tuesday, August 22, 2006

MMMmmmm Crockpot/Slow cooker

Ok the only good thing about winter is stew, and since the lovely ladies of my family deicided I need a slow cooker for my wedding present I have been in stew heaven.
Todays dish is a 10hour slow cooked beef stew, mmmm so very very tender. I have always stayed away from cook beef stews and casseroles in the past because the meat came out all chewy and tough, but now the slow cooker fixes everything.
I've also done a Honey Soy chicken and made a batch of chicken stock for the next time I make soup. And I love the way the house smells fantastic when I get home.
Also its helping to save time and money, yay. Cheap cuts of meat come out tasting great and I make big batches of things and freeze them for dinner later in the week.


Cavegirl said...

Yay! crockpots are the best!

Anonymous said...

we'll all be round for dinner - yah for the whanau

Zee said...

I would like to confirm that the crockpot is, in fact, pretty bloody good.
I've discovered that stews don't have to be chewy, and that celery doesn't have to be stringy. WOW!

Anonymous said...

Try the cornedbeef and mustard sauce yumeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

scientician said...

Will do! I quite like mustard. (ive never bought corned beef before though!) I made the chickpea and kumara curry last night, very delicious. Was a bit "thick" though so I stirred through some coconut milk at the end. Very yum! I am ending up with heaps of food in my freezer though! Got lots of leftovers to get through.