Sunday, March 07, 2010

I'm Back!

I'm back!! Did you miss me? No? Well at least my cat did. I kept waking up in the middle of the night to loud purring and a cat snuggled up on my chest and the mouse heads on the stairs were obviously a welcome home gift. That's true love right there.

We left in a bit of a hurry and the place was a freaking mess to come home too, I've got a ton of cleaning and washing to do. BAH. Sadly I hurt my toe and can only hobble around the house. I'll have to get Zed onto the housework.

Meantime I'm already trawling the internet to plan our next holiday. A cold windy Scottish isle in autumn 2011. I better start saving again. Kiwi dollar doesn't buy many pounds or euros or anything for that matter!

Gold coast was very entertaining, but if we go back I think we'll head to the mountains, the hinterlands, the rain forest etc. We only spent one day on a random drive to Tamborine mountain, but it was lovely, lots of foodie places, B&B's, rain forest walks and spectacular scenery. Still we had the typical theme park fun

A couple of days with showers meant that the Aussies stayed home, we almost had Movie World to ourselves and were able to go on several rides over and over without queuing. Movie world was definitely the teen favourite, stunt shows and rollercoasters and short queues. Dreamworld is pretty good for all round family entertainment but my favourite was Seaworld, their shark bay exhibit is amazing and I got to see a baby dolphin frolicking about! Another bonus was that all the themeparks have bars, so once I'd had my fill of roller coasters Zed and I could sit and have a beer while the teens dashed about trying to get as many rides in the last hour as possible. Only low point was munting my toe at Whitewater world, but thankfully it was the last day.

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Nina said...

Oh, some of those mouse heads were mine.
I don't want your kitty to get all the praise.