Monday, March 08, 2010

Le French Martini

The french martini was invented by the good folk who make chambord, in an effort to popularise their liqueur. (Isn't strange how you have to enter your date of birth, just to read about alcohol on the internet).

Anyway, I don't require your date of birth, but your credit card details will be just fine.

Chambord is a raspberry and blackberry liqueur, its relatively low in alcohol (16.5 %) and is lovely straight out of the bottle or mixed into a cocktail.

The french martini has vodka and chambord with added pineapple juice (3:1:2).I'm sure those ratios are flexible and you can adjust to suit. The vodka seems a little strong,but the second one made with vodka 42 below passionfruit vodka was nicer. I'm not the biggest vodka fan but in a nice cocktail its tolerable.  I had mine shaken over ice (the pineapple juice makes it cloudy anyway) though you do get a little foaming. A sprig of summer mint with flower for decoration and you have the perfect accompaniment to an afternoons vacuuming.


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I was just about to concur with nina about drink - but there is BREAKING NEWS :

A MOUSE has just come under my door into my room!!!!!! Stood, surveyed, went under my linen chest, around the cupboard doors and under my handbag (luckily it isn't the one I normally use....though unluckily it is the flasher of the two and will be ruined if mousie decides to use it as a toilet). I'm not sure what to do. Bling (our cat) is out in the lounge and I could get her. But then it might crawl under my is making noises.....scrambling noises......I think it's trying to squeeze behind the's trying to get me!!!!