Sunday, April 11, 2010

Must Have New Infomations!

I love learning new things, that combined with my short attention span has lead to many half arsed projects in my life.

I can only go so many weeks of enduring mindless work followed by mindless after work house cleaning and TV watching. (which sometimes happens, swings and roundabouts, sometimes all I want to do is shut my brain off completely).

But when I want to hear about new things, this is place I go....

National Radio. This is the hidden gem of the nation. Honestly. No need to run to the transistor radio, you can listen online!

Music 101 on Saturday 2-5 loads of great music reviews, stuff that commercial radio wouldn't dare play is promoted on this show. Old shows are archived for you to download and listen to later. Or subscribe to the pod casts. Most radio NZ shows are availbel through itunes for free.

Media Watch. The closest thing New Zealand has to the Daily show. The past weeks news is picked apart for biased and shoddy research. Fantastic show.

Then any of the "magazine/interview" shows, like nine till noon or afternoons. Great quality guests, book reviews, media reviews, mini documentaries, current events, its all informative mind opening stuff. One of my favourite bits is This way up.

Go on have a taste - we’ve covered superstitions, the history of scrabble and monopoly, ethical tea, how deodorant works, fair trade chocolate, hitchhiking in Cuba, robot builders, jetlag, what’s in margarine, the laws of beachcombing, global butler shortages, tartan, the largest Swiss army knife, supermarket food labeling, homebrew, energy saving light bulbs, getting kitted out for the duck hunting season, the physics of toilet paper, why your urine smells funny after eating asparagus, how to buy a bra, the history of chewing gum, what makes camouflage so fashionable, using mobile phones on planes, things you’ll find on your keyboard and why people eat together……..and that’s just for starters!
The show's you find on National radio are better than anything you can find on TV. Another bonus is NO commercials.You may get the occasional promo for another National radio show but that's about it.

News. For radio news, National can't be beat. 5-7 weeknights is checkpoint. They ask probing hard questions, no namby pamby fluff.Its news how you've always dreamed it would be. And if you listen to the morning report you'll be better informed than any of you coworkers that listen to the 2 minute "news" break on ZM.

And for relaxation there's always The Arts on Sunday. 12-4 it has my favourite movie reviewer Simon Morris, and he doesn't just stink to the blockbusters. He's got a way of picking the indie classics as well. Also reviews of plays, art, sculpture, music etc etc. Again, there is nothing like this on TV. Best quality stuff, all free. Thanks New Zealand on air.........

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Judith said...

Got to agree with you about NatRad, a true national treasure and one we should fight for. My absolute favourite programme in This Way Up. So many interesting things!

BBC radio on iPlayer is pretty good too, for filling in the gaps.